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Concerned about international stability, international law, United Nations, war and peace, terrorism, civil rights, Kyoto, globalisation, foreign policy, Europe, US, Asia, Russia, Africa, South-America, Middle-East, and more?


These issues may seem big and abstract, but in essence they are closer to our daily lives than most people realize, because they shape and influence our world on the local, national and global level. And they are not exclusively for scholars, politicians, policy makers and other experts. You can be just as involved and become knowledgeable.



The JUST ACT initiative seeks to facilitate the flow of information between those who have it and those who would like it. 


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The JUST ACT initiative reaches out to those that want to translate their concern into forms of action. Pragmatic idealists and realists.


Join us and become actively involved in world affairs! We are looking for world-class citizens!

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