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We hereby present our newsletter for October 2003 and ask your attention for a number of upcoming meetings and manifestations.

Please send this newsletter on to others who might be interested both at home and abroad. You'll also find a Dutch version of this newsletter at the bottom of this message.


Saturday, October 24th is United Nations Day, which is a day to celebrate the existence of the United Nations. To see Secretary General Kofi Annan’s message in this most troublesome year click here. To mark the occasion, the Dutch United Nations Society (NVVN) has organized a series of events, in particular the United Nations Night in club Hotel Arena in Amsterdam. Approximately 1000 young people will discuss subjects such as fugitives, peace missions and the UN’s new role in the political arena with a number of speakers. The night will continue on with the United Nations Dance Party with 1 Giant Leap and several DJ’s. For details see www.nvvn.nl or get in touch through ncdo@bkb.nl.


On Saturday, October 25th 'The March on Washington' will take place, a March organized by the peace movement in the US, in line with the protests in February and March 2003 against the war in Iraq. Americans from all over the US will travel to Washington to raise their voices against the ongoing occupation of Iraq and illegal war there and against the restrictions on civil rights as introduced by the Patriot Acts under the guise of the war on terrorism. For further details on the ‘March on Washington’ see www.internationalanswer.org.

'The March on Washington' initiative has inspired European organizations to join in the protest by organizing local events. We hereby invite you to take part in a candlelight vigil on Saturday, October 25th from 7 to 8 pm on the Museumplein in Amsterdam by the American consulate. Other participating organizations will be Democrats Abroad, Alliance for Sound American Policies, SP, Pax Christi, AnAmericanAbroad.org, Spijkenisse Platform, GroenLinks, Arnhem Vredes Platfrom, Instituut Clingendael, Expatica.com, Platform Tegen de Nieuwe Oorlog and Greenpeace. We hope you'll join us at this silent vigil.


On Sunday, November 2nd JUST ACT is co-sponsoring a book presentation by professor Karel van Wolferen, the author of a new book ‘The Ruin of a World Order’ which is receiving extensive coverage in the Dutch press and has captured the attention of the Dutch political establishment. His book presentation will take place from 3 to 5 pm at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam (Voetboogstraat 11). Free entry. Reservations can be made through treehouse@abc.nl, see also www.abc.nl).

According to Professor van Wolferen, the American president is incompetent and America has been hijacked by ideologues that have destroyed the relatively stable world order of recent decades.  In its quest for total control over the world, the Bush administration has already brought about the de facto end of the Atlantic alliance and the political ‘West’ as we have known it.  Moreover, it can't manage the empire it is seeking to create. He likens what is happening to a Shakespearean tragedy.  He is calling for England and the Netherlands to unite politically and defensively with the rest of Europe, and for Europe to become a voice urging countries in Asia, South America and Africa to help preserve global stability and sanity.

Karel van Wolferen is a professor of comparative political and economic institutions at the University of Amsterdam; a former correspondent for the NRC Handelsblad; an award-winning journalist; and an internationally recognized expert on political science and on Japan.  His 1989 book The Enigma of Japanese Power has been translated into 11 languages.

Other books we can recommend:

* 'The Greatest Sedition is Silence', Williams Rivers Pitt, 2003 (also visit his informative website www.truthout.org)

* 'Power trip - US unilaterism and global strategy after September 11', John Feffer, 2003

*  'Before & After - US Foreign policy and the September 11th crisis', Phyllis Bennis, 2003

* 'Power and terror - post 9/11 talks and interviews', Noam Chomksy, 2003

* '9-11', Noam Chomsky, 2002

* 'Understanding power', Noam Chomsky, 2001

* 'Calling the shots', Phyllis Bennis, 2000


JUST ACT underlines the importance of cooperation of social movements throughout Europe in order to effectively influence political decision making at the national and European level. We therefore strongly recommend the ESF to anyone interested in getting actively involved or seriously informed.

The second European Social Forum (www.fse-esf.org) will take place from 12th-15th November 2003 in Paris as well as the towns of St Denis, as well as Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) and Ivry (Val de Marne). After the last continental social forum in Florence this ESF follows on and in the spirit of the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre.

‘The ESF is a place for meeting and discussion for social movements, the ESF is equally a space for the elaboration of alternatives and the strategies for their implementation. Because, we believe that another Europe is possible, and that it can play a decisive role in making another world possible.’

Practicalities such as transport and accommodation can be arranged through the ESF website www.fse-esf.org.


You can also sponsor us financially by donating € 10 to 3202913 in name of L. Pitzalis, Utrecht, Netherlands (please note JUST ACT on the giro form). Apart from the monthly newsletter we’ll keep you posted on acts, meetings and manifestations.


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