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Welcome to the first edition of the JUST ACT newsletter! It's time to catch up.



First of all, we want to make it clear what we stand for.


JUST ACT wants to inform people about international politics and specifically recent developments concerning neo conservatism in the US and the unilateral policies by the Bush administration. 


JUST ACT is critical towards unilateral policies that undermine multilateral arenas of cooperation like the United Nations. We support the restoration of world justice and multilateral cooperation between states, civilians and NGO's.


JUST ACT wants to enhance public consciousness about these subjects through the spread of knowledge and information en by encouraging an open public debate.


JUST ACT wants to stimulate individuals to participate in positive vorms of activism on various levels or te initiate such action in favour or the restoration of international justice and democratic multilateralism.



Our name says it all. JUST ACT. Even now, when most civilians feel like there's nothing they can do in the grander scheme of things -  a sentiment that seems stronger here in the Netherlands than in neighbouring countries - it quite simply comes down to taking responsibility. You are in charge of how much time and energy you have to be a small or big wave. Do you lack the energy, time or money to initiate something, but do you have a democratic bone to pick, than you may want to join somebody's other wave (like JUST ACT) and before you know what happened, together you will have achieved something.


We think the best way to start is to inform yourself first. Knowledge empowerment is the key. There is a lot of information out there. Where to start? WWW.JUSTACT.INFO. We've selected articles, books, organisations, webzines, thinktanks, political parties for you to look at and our links will be updated considerably soon. On the basis of that information, we've come to formulate our opinion and it will keep developing the more people we talk to and the more information we come accross. It's up to you to formulate your own opinion.


For starters, we recommend these articles

The thirty year itch (Robert Dreyfuss, March 2003) www.redrat.net/BUSH_WAR/dreyfuss.htm

The postmodern state and the world order (Robert Cooper, 2003) www.demos.co.uk/catalogue/default.aspx?id=83


and the report by the neo-conservative thinktank 'Project for the New American Century':

Building America's defenses www.newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf


A next step is to discuss and debate with others who may or may not agree with you. To make that possible for us and for you we've started organising political debates, with panel members with various opinions and backgrounds, like policians, activists, thinktanks, professors from both the progressive and (neo)conservative perspective.


Better yet is to forward this newsletter to people you think may be interested!



We'd like to inform you of our next act, which is a debate on July 1st in Amsterdam, to which we've invited both supporters and opponents of neo conservatisme. Panel members are Bart Jan Spruyt (director of the conservative Edmund Burke Foundation), Denis Campbell (spokesman American Voices Abroad), Frans Timmermans (member of Dutch Parliament for PvdA, spokesman on defense) and Wilbert van der Zijden (asociate progressive thinktank Transnational Institute). A quick impression?



‘The US is consolidating the Pax Americana. It defends its homeland security and its global interests by using unparalleled economic and pre-emptive military force.States reposition themselves in the new world order and seek to safeguard their (collective) interests.Global public opinion is sceptical of US unilateralism. Both the world justice and the world peace movements flourish in their diversity and level of activism.’


The debate takes place on July 1st, 2003 in Amsterdam at the ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11. The debate starts at 19:30 hours and entrance is 2 euro. Reservations (advisable; full is full) through contact@justact.info.



Participants to our first debate where Dick Leurdijk (Clingendael Instituut), Harry van Bommel (member of Dutch Parliament for SP) and Denis Campbell (American Voices Abroad). You'll find a report of this debate on our website www.justact.info.





editor newsletter JUST ACT, Luciano Pitzalis


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