Venus comes after Mars
Author: Joost Lagendijk
After September 11th, 2001 the differences between the US and Europe have grown into a near insuperable canyon. For more and more Europeans the Bush goverment is part of the problem, and no longer part of the solution for world problems. How did it get this far? and what should the Brussels response be to the politics of rattling arms in Washington? 

'Venus comes after Mars' looks into how powerful the neo-conservatives around Bush are and it defends the position that Iraq may well be their Waterloo. It lists the differences between Europe and the US. It shows that if the influence of neo-conservatives fades, the problems are still far from resolved. Based on interviews with American and European intellectuals and politicians, visions on how to proceed are tested for usibility and desireability. The authors creatively and provocatively launch an appeal for a self-assured European position. Europe should not try to copu th US, but it should focus on its own strenghts: conflict prevention, fair trade, strenghtening internationale law. If possible with the US, otherwise in opposition to the US.

'Venus comes after Mars' is a progressive reply to Robert Kagan and the eurosceptics from the left and the right.
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