Hegemony to imperium
Date: 26-02-2002
Author: Tom Barry
We are living in a "unipolar moment" declared neoconservative columnist Charles Krauthammer in a 1991 Foreign Affairs essay. During the Bush I and Clinton years, the neoconservatives and national security militarists complained that the U.S. government was failing to seize the moment of its supremacy. Instead of talking about "new world orders" or focusing on finessing globalization, the U.S. government should have a clear view of U.S. national interests--which in this unipolar moment meant adopting strategies to ensure that the moment was not a fading one. Today, that's the dominant agenda in Washington--and in practice it means that the U.S. no longer considers international rules and norms a helpful framework for managing global relations. To the contrary, they are regarded as fetters on its hyperpower status. Instead, it prefers a world where its unchallenged military power can be used at will to guarantee its supremacy.

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