5th Globalisation Lecture by Benjamin Barber
Date: 08-01-2004
Felix Meritis, Amsterdam: 5th Globalisation Lecture: McWorld vs Civ World. The american political scientist and writer Benjamin Barber will be giving the 5th Globalisation Lecture. Barber is known in the Netherlands by his bestseller Jihad vs McWorld, an analysis - long before the 9/11 attacks - of the conflicting powers of globalisation and cultural and religious fanaticism.

Recently the dutch translation of his latest book 'Empire of fear: terrorism and democracy' was published. Barber describes the boomerang-effect of the american reaction on the terrorist attacks. Fighting fear with war enhances and spreads more fear. The Bush-doctrine is in his eyes a direct threat to world peace. Barber advocates to replace the concept of 'preventive war' with ‘preventive democracy’. As an alternative for globalisation (McWorld) he pictures a ‘Declaration of Interdependence’ where citizens world wide can connect with the ‘CivWorld’.

Frits Bolkestein, member of the European Commission, will react to Barber's lecture, after which they will debate the issues, moderatored by Ruth Oldenziel.
19.00 uur: viewing of ‘McWorld’ an episode of VPRO’s Diogenes (1997)
20.00 uur: Break
20.30 uur: Lecture and debate
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