Demonstration 'Stop the occupation of Iraq'
Date: 20-03-2004
National demonstration 'Stop the occupation of Iraq' on Dam square in Amsterdam. Start 13:00 hours.

Against the ‘New War’
Directly after the American government called for the ‘war on terrorism’, the Dutch 'Platform against the ‘New War’ warned for the consequences. Military actions don't end terrorism. The developments in Afghanistan and Iraq make that clear. The American ‘preventive wars’ enhance the mutual animosity between Islamic and western populations. And the civil rights in several western countries are under strain. War, humiliation and suppression enhance the feeding ground for terrorism. These feeding grounds should be abolished.

Self-determination for Iraqis
On March 20th, 2003, the American-British coalition invaded Iraq. This war and the occupation of Iraq are in violation of international law. Claims to support the invasion have been found unsubstantiated. No weapons of mass destruction have been found. Nor is there any evidence to support the claim that Iraq may have supported international terrorism. The war has left Iraq in disarray with chaos and unsafe living standards. The occupational powers are therefore not fulfilling their obligations under international law. This situation must end as soon as possible. The Iraqi Governing Council must be enabled to provide safety for its citizens. This can be achieved with the aid of foreign troops. Furthermore, a democratically elected government must be installed as soon as possible. The interests of several minorities in Iraq must be safeguarded.

Stop the occupation of Iraq
The United States and their allies are not in Iraq for humanitarian reasons. The war and the occupation are both motivated by political, military and economic interests. The United States and their allies are pillaging the occupied land. The occupying countries are dividing the contracts among themselves and are financing this from confiscated Iraqi oil revenues.

The resistance against the occupation is therefore mounting, also under parts of the Iraqi population that before welcomed the Americans and British as liberators. To prevent further chaos and an escalation of violence, the Americans must name the date on which they will leave the country of Iraq. Stop Dutch participation to the occupation! From within the OSCE, the European Council and the EU, the Netherlands can encourage an own, non-military European Iraq-politic. Instead, Dutch troops are subservient to the American government. Dutch troops have been made available primarily in order to share in the economic benefits to be gained through the occupation of Iraq. The Netherlands thereby sends out a politically and legally incorrect signal.

By acting subservient to the American government the Netherlands are also risking to get involved in possible new wars against Syria, Iran, North-Korea, Cuba or any other country.

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