workshop Iran up in nuclear arms?
Date: 27-11-2004
It is suggested that the world has become more complex and dangerous in the past years and that countries are trying to safeguard their national security within their nation state borders with pre-emptive policies that reach beyond those borders. It is suggested that Iran and North Korea, branded as part of the 'axis of evil', stepped up their efforts to acquire nuclear arms as a deterrent against such policies and to improve their position vis-à-vis regional counterparts. But what is fact and what is suspicion? A workshop on this issue will take place during the Dutch Social Forum at the ‘Beurs van Berlage’ in Amsterdam on Saturday 27, 2004. Speakers are mr. Bijan Moshaver (Iran Future Foundation) and mr. Karel Koster (weapons expert). The workshop will take place in the ‘Portiersloge’ and start at 14:30 pm. For more information, please check out the newsletter 2004/11 Iran on this website
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