Meeting Think and Do tank for world leaders
Date: 25-10-2004
Are you a world leader?

Are you concerned about international stability, international law, United Nations, terrorism, civil rights, Kyoto, war and peace, globalisation or foreign policy whether in Europe, US, Asia, Russia, Africa, South America, Middle East, or elsewhere? Would you like to become actively engaged with world affairs and even become a specialist in your own right?


JUST ACT invites you to discuss our plans and get involved. We are looking for world-class citizens!


JUST ACT is a place for people with ideas and talents. People who are critical without being dogmatic and who are not afraid to take on big issues. Together, we form an international network of people who seek to combine knowledge with action on a variety of urgent social and political issues. With us, you can share your knowledge with others and put it to good use.


A world leader knows where he stands. Do you too?

Location: Amsterdam, American Book Centre Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11

free entrance

(entry 7:15 start 7:30 pm)

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