7th Globalisation Lecture by Pascal Lamy
Date: 31-05-2004
Europe as world power by PASCAL LAMY (Eurocommissioner for Trade)

Europe is in favour of free trade, but protects its own agriculture with high subsidies and tariff walls. According to some critics
Eurocommissioner Pascal Lamy (1947), Europe representant at talks on free world trade, therefor deserves the ´Nobel Prize for hypocrisy´. Recently Lamy announced to end the support to European agricultural exports, providing the United States and Canada do the same.

In doing so, he goes against his own Frech agrarian power base. Does this mean that Lamy is after all the idealist he pretends to be?

The socialist Pascal Lamy was an associate of the French president
Mitterrand and later on of Jacques Delors, the chairman of the European Commission. Since 1999 he is the Eurocommissioner for Trade. He negotiated on behalf of Europe in Seattle, Doha and Cancun. In his book 'L'Europe en première ligne (2002), Lamy offers a glimpse behind the scenes of a negotiator of world trade treaties. this year he published 'La Démocratie-monde - Pour une autre gouvernance globale'. In this Lamy researches the possibilities for finding a global democratic structure that serves the interests of manking.

On Monday, May 31st, Pascal Lamy shares his views on Europa, world trade and globalisation at the 7th Globalisation Lecture in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. the lecture will be followed by a debate with the European parlementarians Kathalijne Buitenweg (GroenLinks) and Max van den Berg (PvdA). Presentation and moderator: Sheila Sitalsing, editor for Volkskrant.

The Globalisation Lectures are an initiative by Uitgeverij Lemniscaat,
VPRO/Tegenlicht, de Volkskrant, Felix Meritis and NCDO. the Lectures are sponsored by NCDO, ICCO and HIVOS. With these lectures the organisors wish to contribute to the discussion on globalisering.

The lecture starts at 20:30 pm

Tickets à € 12,50 (€7,50 with CJP, Pas 65, Stadspas) are available at the Felix Meritis, Keizersgracht 324 in Amsterdam (monday to friday 9.00-19.00). Reservations: 020 - 623 1311 or via receptie@felix.meritis.nl.
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