International law and sovereignty of nations
Date: 20-05-2004
Another World is possible if…there is respect for international law and the sovereignty of nations - The Case of Iraq

It is a little over a year since Iraq was invaded, in the face of opposition from the biggest and most global anti-war movement in history which saw the bigger implications of the emerging pattern. The deadline for handing national sovereignty back to the citizens of Iraq approaches as resistance to the occupation intensifies.

What are the prospects for peace, democratization and reconstruction in Iraq? Who is the resistance? What do they want? TNI brings to Amsterdam five people, long experienced with Iraq and the bigger questions raised by the occupation, who have recently returned from Iraq to discuss these and other issues with you.


Walden Bello, 2003 Right Livelihood Awardee, Asian Peace Alliance leader, and director of Focus on a Global South

Phyllis Bennis, US journalist/author, Iraq/Middle East specialist

Jochen Hippler, Peace and Development Studies Centre, University of Duisberg, Germany.

Kamil Mahdi, Iraqi expert, democracy activist, Exeter University, UK

Achin Vanaik, Indian journalist/author, Asian Peace Alliance

Amsterdam, De Balie, 8 pm
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