Political Liberties and ‘The War on Terrorism’
Date: 21-05-2004

Another World is possible if … political freedoms are guaranteed. - Political Liberties and ‘The War on Terrorism’

Terrorism has traditionally been defined in distinction from armed struggle, which does not target civilians, by oppressed or colonized peoples in situations where avenues for political negotiations have been closed by the ruling forces. The ‘War on Terrorism’ today is in danger of making no such distinctions, with profound implications not only for political and civil liberties here and elsewhere, particularly of Moslems, but indeed for peace negotiations and conflict resolution in many parts of the world – from Colombia, to Palestine, the Philippines.

The EU has recently appointed a Dutch politician, Gijs de Vries to serve as its first anti-terrorism coordinator. What is his perspective? The EU Accord on countering terrorism was introduced in March, what are the implications for civil and political liberties in Europe? Is The Netherlands under threat from terrorism? What is a progressive response to terrorism? These are some of the issues we will be grappling with at this public discussion.

TNI brings to Amsterdam three eminent people from parts of the world directly affected by armed conflict and who have thought through these issues. They hope to discuss their experiences and ideas with you.


Mariano Aguirre, specialist on the Basque country, Algerian, Palestinian and Western Sahara, Centre for Peace Studies, Spain

Ricardo Vargas, specialist on the nexus of drugs, armed conflict and state legitimacy, Acción Andina, Colombia

Praful Bidwai, specialist on religion and conflict in the South Asian context, journalist/author, Asian Peace Alliance, India

Amsterdam, De Balie, 8 pm

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