Disclosure on Iraq
Date: 19-03-2004

National e-mail appeal: Disclosure on Iraq!
Citizens demand disclosure on the Iraqi war and the increased threat of terror.


The reasons:
On March 20th, 2003 the coalition of the willing started to wage war against Iraq. Against the will of the majority of the Iraqi people and based on dubious considerations and facts, the Netherlands supported a 'preventive' war against a country that supposedly threatened the West with weapons of mass destruction.

Now, a year and thousands of deaths later, these weapons appear illusive and it becomes clearer by the day that the whole case for war was based on quicksand. The signs of lies and deceptions have become so numerous and convincing that both the US and the United Kingdom have initiated investigations into the decision making process and the (des)-information that was used in that process. But nothing of the kind is being done in The Netherlands. Here the cabinet of ministers has resolutely covered up the issue. As the Minister for Foreign Affairs has put it: ‘This is one pot we’ll stir no more’.


The war hasn’t diminished the threat of violence against the western world, on the contrary. The bombs are going off closer and closer, making the threat of terrorism in the Netherlands manifest. In Spain, 9 out of every 10 victims of the recent horrors were against the war. Many Dutch citizens are afraid that they may also fall victim to an attack. Can they then at least know why the Dutch government is exposing them unnecessarily to these extra risks? And can the trust in a government that, in the case of Iraq, failed in her analysis of the threat of terror and that has tried to cover up its failure in this? How can the behaviour of the government and the prime minister be matched with the debate on an 'open ‘society' that is becoming more and more manifest? Not to mention the debate on norms and values.

The demands
There are more open questions that our democracy can tolerate. Now that the political sphere seems unable to offer the disclosure we seek, we, citizens of The Netherlands, are claiming this information ourselves. This is what we want to know:


  • What facts weighed heavily in the decision to support the war in Iraq? This questions needs to be answered unequivocally.
  • What exactly do these facts mean and who provided this intelligence?
  • By whom and how was the intelligence assessed?


From a democratic viewpoint it is unacceptable that the Prime Minister as a main actor in the decision making process, doesn’t give full disclosure. In view of the increased threat of terror this should now happen.

The appeal

  • On Friday, March 19th 2004 a chain mail, the likes of which has not been seen before in The Netherlands, will travel through The Netherlands and beyond, which will bring the appeal to the attention of the Dutch public.
  • From March 19th, 2004 people will be able to visit www.openheidoverirak.nl to support the demands made above. On the website, an e-mail action can be forwarded to others and a poster will be available for downloading.
  • The declarations of support will be conveyed to the Dutch cabinet, and the results will be distributed within two weeks to political parties and the media, to ensure that the issues are firmly placed on the political agenda.


The appeal ‘Discloser on Iraq!’ is organised by citizens and is independent from the goodwill and support of organisations and sympathisers. We therefore ask everyone to support the appeal by sending on this e-mail to friends and acquaintances, political parties and social organisations, etc.


The citizens’ appeal is independent from the national 'Stop de bezetting van Irak' march on March 20th, 2004, which starts at 13.00 hours in Amsterdam on the Dam. This march is organised by the: ‘Platform tegen De 'Nieuwe Oorlog'. Information: www.wereldcrisis.nl.


Join in!

  • We want to collect hundreds of thousands of autographs. So help build an e-mail chain that enables the appeal to travel through the Netherlands on Friday, March 19th 2004.
  • Use your own e-mail netwerk to forward this e-mail, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Send the message on to local politicians, societal organisations, trade unions, schools and students’ associations, etc.
Sign the declaration of support on www.openheidoverirak.nl this coming Friday, March 19th 2004, by opening the appeal mail and sending it on to your contacts.
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