Book presentation 'Venus comes after Mars'
Date: 07-05-2004
Amsterdam: 'Venus comes after Mars', a European answer to Bush

Book presentation of 'Venus comes after Mars' and a debate on  which role Europe should play in the world. The authors, both European parlementarians, say that in any case the EU should not try to become a copy of the US.

On March 26th, 2004, Joost Lagendijk and Jan Marinus Wiersma will present their book 'Venus comes after Mars, a European answer to Bush. There will also be a debate on the issues addressed in the book. Joost Lagendijk is europarlementarian for GroenLinks, Jan Marinus Wiersma is a member of the Dutch Delegation of the Social-democratic fraction in the European Parliament.

'Venus comes after Mars' investigates how influential the neo-conservatives around Bush really are and they take the position that Iraq could well be their Waterloo. The book discusses the differences between the US and Europe. This makes clear that the problems are not over if and when the neo-conservatives lose the influence they enjoy now.

The authors creatively and provocatively defend European self-confidence. Europa should not try to copy the US, but focus on its strenghts: conflict prevention, free trade, enhancing international law order. If possible together with, if necessary in opposition to the US. 'Venus comes after Mars' is a progressive answer to Robert Kagan and eurosceptics on the left and right political spectre.
Time: 16:00 uur
Entrance: free, registration obligatory

Language: Dutch

To register call 020 - 623 13 11
More info:  www.groenlinks.nl/europa
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