Iraq's Economic and Political Transition
Date: 24-02-2004

The Universiteit van Amsterdamís Political Science Department

and International School for Humanities and Social Sciences(ISHSS) present

Iraq's Economic and Political Transition

A Report from the Field


A guest lecture by Isam al-Khafaji


Isam al-Khafaji is an Iraqi social scientist, who for many years has taught at the University of Amsterdam. In 2002, al-Khafaji participated in the State Department "Future of Iraq" workshops, including the "mother of all workshops", entitled "Transition to Democracy." Later, he accepted the Pentagon's invitation to be a member of the Iraqi Reconstruction and Development Council (IRDC). Two months later, extremely frustrated about US reluctance to share policymaking duties, he submitted his resignation to Paul Wolfowitz. At present, he is working to establish a social science research center in Baghdad and directing "Iraq Revenue Watch", an initiative of the Open Society Institute (www.iraqrevenuewatch.org/).


Mr. al-Khafaji will give a lecture about the current state of affairs in Iraq and his own experiences there. Brian Burgoon, lecturer in International Relations, will act as a co-referent and start the discussion. Paul Aarts, Middle East specialist at the Political Science department, will chair the session.


Time: Tuesday 24 February 2004, 8-10 pm

Place: Universiteit van Amsterdam, Oude Manhuis Poort, room F201C

Entry: free and open to anyone who is interested. Registration: not required

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