AsiA: Debate Iran: 25 years after the revolution
Date: 24-01-2004
An information- and discussion weekend on the developments in Iran since the Islamic Revolution 25 years ago.

25 Years ago, on Februari 1st, 2004 ayatollah Khomeini returned to from exile and sparked the Islamic revolution, resulting in the foundation of the Islamitic Republic Iran. Under Khomeini's leadership a new isolationic regime was instated that decared the US and Isreael ‘state-enemies number one and two (‘Big and Small Satan’).

Since Khomeini's death in 1989 a different, moderate regime has gradually developped, increasing the distance with the occurences of 1979 more and more. However, western perception of Iran has hardly changed. Many, also in the Netherlands, still associate Iran with Khomeini and a fanatical and reactionary Islam.

ASiA (Asia-studies in Amsterdam) of the University of Amsterdam and MOI (Society for studying the Middle East and Islam) have organised a series of events on Iran on the 24th and 25th of Januari 2004, in conjunction with IF (Iran Future), IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies), ISIM (The International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World) en Cinéma Discutabel (Kriterion). The organisors aim to stimulate public opinion and discussion on Iran by showing that Iran os more than a ‘country of ayatollahs and veiled women’.

Programme ‘25 years Islamic Republic Iran: facts and fiction’

Subjects and themes of programme:
* The Islamitic Revolution in historical perspective
* Social movements in Iran during the last decades
* Position of women in Iran
* The role of the clericy
* Iran's future

Saturday, January 24th 2004

Felix Meritis, Zuilenzaal
Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

Afternoon programme: 14.00 –17.00, free entry
Evening programme: 19.30- 22.00, entry: 7,50 euro, with discount 5 euro. (CJP, students, Stadspas, Pas65 en Hivos donateurs)

Afternoon programme
14.00 - Short introductory documentaire
14.30 - Lectures by:
Paul Aarts (University of Amsterdam), “Islam and democratie: an oxymoron?”
Prof. Johan ter Haar (University of Leiden), “From Islamitic Republic to ‘real’ republic: the republican manifest by Akbar Ganji”
15.30 - break
16.00 - lecture by prof. Asef Bayat, (director ISIM in Leiden), “Reflections on Iran’s reform movement since 1979”
16.30 - Discussion
17.00 - end

Intermezzo in de foyer

17.00 - Live Iranian music *
17.30-19.00 - Optional Iranian meal: reservations obligatory , Tel. 020 - 525 2619, e-mail: asianstudies@fmg.uva.nl *

Evening programme

19.30 – 22.00 (break at 20.30)
Debate on Iran's future preceded by short lectures by:

- Thomas Erdbrink (correspondent NRC Handelsblad)
- Dr. Halleh Ghorashi (Vrije Universiteit),”Shirin Ebadi as exemplary resistance: women as strongest opposition in Iran”
- Shervin Nekuee (Rotterdamse Kunststichting), "Persian paradoxes. How backward mullahs helped Iran to progress.”

- Moderator: Dr. Oskar Verkaaik (IIAS, University of Amsterdam).

(* = Onder Voorbehoud)

Sunday, Januari 25th, 2004 in Kriterion, Amsterdam

15.00- 17.30

Cinéma Discutabel, a Kriterion programme, will view the Iranian film "The day I became a woman" preceded by an introduction and followed by a discussie on Iranian cinema with Heshmat Manesh, film expert and -maker of Iranian descent.

Location : Kriterion
Roetersstraat 170
1018 WE Amsterdam
reservations: 020-6231708
entry: yet to be determined

for further info and updates:

This programme has been made possible by HIVOS, NCDO, ASiA, IIAS and ISIM
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